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Abd  elDaem for Transportation 

Speed - Safety – Savings 

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Abdel Dayem Company for Land Transport and Trade in and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

Provides transportation of products in all types of vehicles (Pickup Trucks / jumbo trucks / Single Axle dump truck / trucks / tractors) with all weights, lengths and specifications. 

The company was established in 2000 

  • Mr. Sameh Abdel Dayem 

  • Mr. Omar Abdel Dayem 

Trucks Parked In Line

The objectives of the Abdel Dayem Group

- Stimulating the business and investment environment.
- Improving the level and quality of services provided to all customers.
- Expansion in the local and international market.

Our services:

- Road transport.
- International shipping.
- import and export.

- customs clearance.
- International shipping.
- Integrated logistic services.

Vision of Abdel Daem Group

 Efficient, developed, and safe land transport that contributes to economic growth, environmental stability, and preserving the role The regional and strategic location of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


- Planning, organizing and developing an integrated, economical and competitive land transport system that keeps pace with comprehensive development plans It complies with the best local and international standards by organizing a well-served transportation system Public transport by enhancing movement and securing vehicles for all industrial and commercial sectors.

الشاحنة الصغيرة المغلقة

الأكثر استخداماً في السوق المصري عموماً، ومن قبل شركات السلع الاستهلاكية سريعة التداول خصوصاً، في عمليات التوزيع المباشر.

شاحنة جامبو مغلقة

الأكثر استخداماً من قبل شركات السلع الاستهلاكية سريعة التداول وشركات توزيع الأثاث. ويوفّر صندوق الشاحنة عنصر أمان إضافي للبضائع ذات القيمة المرتفعة، ويحميها من عوامل الطقس ومن أي تلف أو تلاعب محتمل.

شاحنة التفريغ

تُعتبر من بين المركبات الأكثر استخداماً في مجال مواد البناء والسلع الزراعية، وكذلك لنقل المواد الصناعية من المحاجر إلى مواقع البناء. كما تُستخدم هذه الشاحنات أيضاً في نقل الحبوب والبذور.

Enclosed pickup truck

It is most widely used in the Egyptian market by FMCG companies and in direct distribution operations.

Jumbo box trucks

Most commonly used by FMCG companies and furniture distribution companies. The truck box provides an additional element of security for high-value cargo, protecting it from the weather and from any damage or tampering.

Dump truck

One of the most used vehicles in the field of building materials and agricultural commodities, as well as for transporting industrial materials from quarries to construction sites. These trucks are also used to transport grain and seeds.


Customer reviews:

- Wissam El Sobky, Logistics Manager of C-Pack Group.
- Mohamed Adel, Director of Purchasing from Universal Company.
- Abdel-Masih, Director of Administrative Affairs, Al-Rowad Company.
- Ahmed Ezzat, Purchasing Manager of Al-Masria Books.

Customer reviews 


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