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Specially for captains 

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The driver can load 7 shipments per week during the day, morning and evening 

There are more than 20 sites nationwide that can issue permits and solve any problem 

Account statement for any contractor and car owner to organize work and follow up accounts 

We can ship all products (pipe / cardboard / glass / foodstuffs / ceramics / raw materials of all kinds / export and port works) 

Distinctive service and driver follow-up 24 hours 

Transfer money from anywhere via (Vodafone Cash / Bank / Fawry / Mail) 

High level treatment, efficiency and experience on solving problems that meet drivers 

Calculation method (by shipment, tons, daily or rent) 

Operation section 

10th of Ramadan Branch  01050621597 - 01060108062 - 01093289398
Obour Branch   01050343391 - 01050419775
Alexandria branch  01014630321 - 010130441168
Sadat Branch   01006024230

Customer service

For contracts, call us or visit the nearest branch 

Send a mail and we will call you 

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