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Abdel Daem Land Transport Company has been in the market for more than thirty years and partners in the success of our customers through our commitment to safe and fast delivery 

Truck and Warehouse

About us 

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The main headquarters is in the 10th of Ramadan, and we have more than 30 locations nationwide 

Future plan 

Continuing to implement the company's strategy after doubling the volume of business during the last two years 

Our goal, through a well-thought-out plan, is to cover 28 governorates at the level of the Republic, the Middle East and North Africa as a first stage 

اختيار المناديب 

اختيار موظفي الشركة بدقة وعناية فائقه وتدربيهم تدريب علي اعلي مستوي 

اختيار السائقين

الخبرة الفنية في التعامل مع التحميل والحفاظ علي المنتج والتعامل مع العملاء باحترافية
النظام وتنسيق كل جزء في العمل واتباع القوانين واللوائح المنصوص عليها من الدولة مع توفير سبل التدريب للموظفين والمرونة في التعامل

اختيار المناديب - اختيار السائقين.jpg


I have been dealing with a large transportation company for 10 years, and it provides us with an organized mechanism, both in loading and continuous follow-up from the representative of Abdel Daem Transport Company to provide shipments in every direction: 

(Dealing - Duration of Dealing - Method of Dealing – Dealing advantages) 

The representative is the link between the company and the driver - the permanent presence in the sites in the caravans - the duration of the transaction 

I have been working in the Abdel Daem Transport Company for 7 years. Through our company, we provide a link between markets and freight management for our customers, and we coordinate the workflow. 

Abdel Daem Company is a company with a long history in the field of transportation and we have worked with major companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt under the wise leadership of His Excellency the President of the Republic 

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